Monday, 15 February 2010

some people have complained they cant see the original post - here it is
burned in dubai

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

happy endings

i have a great job in the uk now and we are moving into a large family home in beautiful countryside shortly

the money is actually better than dubai and the company are genuine, we work with proper clients doing real work - ok so i have to pay tax...

but i have freedom of speech, my liberty. live in a democracy where there is justice and my family are safe - you cant buy that

oh and are failing, rapidly.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Ominous warning

You may have stumbled over here via Google whilst looking for an unpopular Integrated Creative Consultancy based in Dubai. Isn’t SEO wonderful!

The purpose of this Blog is to warn others not to deal with a particularly unscrupulous creative company in Dubai, and certainly not to work for them.

In short they hire people then dump them, often leaving them having sold-up back home, stranded and penniless in Dubai. And we’re not talking one or two, their own estimate is ‘at least twenty’. From what I have been told this is a conservative estimate – which is unusual for them – bumping figures up is more their style.

So why burn all these people? Two reasons: greed, and their complete ineptitude at running an agency. By their own admission they have ‘no clue’ how an agency should be run. So they flail around hiring and firing hoping to remedy their own shortcomings.

Thanks to the huge amount of people who have been burned by them over the years taking an interest, this page is climbing its way steadily up the Google search results and will very soon be top of the list.

The original post is way down at the bottom, but if you cant be bothered scrolling…

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Familiar Tales

I've had a lot of mail from other people who've worked at Ominous Integrated Creative Consultancy.

Here's a few snippets:

'Picked up on your blog this week, after some other ex Omnia staff got in touch (we're all following). Use to work there, they brought me to Dubai in 2005, 6 months of hell and I managed to escape. Been at a proper company here ever since.' J

'I grin, weep, smile, boil and bleed at the ears when reading your BLOG, and i say this as I like many others have been there! Yup, I was another victim of "Ominous" so I can share your pain and anger at these bastards and there barbaric approach to hiring and firing people. Only for me, I'm glad to say got out of there - I could not cope with their manner and handling of staff. I must of seen alone 20 people come and go in my time of being there, and as far as Ominous' name goes over there in the creative industry, well I can safely say it's already dirt and thats putting it mildly, your blog and hopefully press coverage will see these tossers getting what has been coming to them in the very near future. Cant believe they are still taking this approach, really I cant.' KJH

'I'd like to say that your story was all too familiar. I was first employed their 4 years ago and left after 13 months, this prompted another 6 employees to leave shortly afterwards. Following on from this, I have made it a personal mission to 'warn' others about the company. However, some people don't listen, over the past few years I have warned 4 people not to work with them/be employed with Omnia but all ignored the advice. Apparently the first few months went down well but then followed by a similar story to yours.' LS

Theres a stack of these all telling the same sad story. But this is a story that can't end well for Ominous.

Saturday, 4 July 2009


Posting the email address below has opened the floodgates. I was told by the Ominous Integrated Creative Consultancy that they had dumped around 20 or so people over the last 3 or 4 years. Many of whom are more than happy to tell their own familiar tale and are now getting in touch.

Things are hotting up.

Friday, 3 July 2009

get in touch

you can email me now

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Quiet day today - have received word from the Labour Authorities which includes assurances from the Ominous ones that they will pay me as well as other assorted lies.

As you might expect they have done nothing of the sort and are still playing at ostriches. So the contingency plans are swinging in to place as we speak.

I'll keep you posted.